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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Morzine Project round up

As the lsr project starts up with a new programme for 2011, here is a quick look back at the Morzine Project that kicked things off last April in Morzine.

April 3 - 10 last year saw a few of the lsr guys make the most of great late season snow, well shaped parks and a wicked crew. Treeline Chalets providing hungry groms with top class food, luxurious accommodation and amongst much more, a much used table-tennis table. LSR team members Emmet Strachan, Kris Bell and Andrew Gibson made the trip out in the company of Johnny-boy-Strachan and assistant coach Nicol Paton.

Kris Bell, Billy Morgan, Nicol Paton, Andrew Goodenough, Emmet Strachen, Ben Kinnear and Andrew Gibson soaking up some Morzine sun! P: Sam Longmire

The week crossed over with the Westbeach Snowflex Series winner's week, so one evening of entertainment from the duo of Marc McClement and Mitch Flynn was enjoyed. In addition friends James Bryant, Sam Longmire, Sue Garlick and Alex Barton, Dunc and Amy from Treeline and Andrew Goodenough made for unbeatable company all week! Westbeach rider Billy Morgan, fresh from a Brits Bir Air victory, was on hand later in the week for some inspirational riding with the team.

After some solid pow riding early week, with Emmet (above) dropping off many a ledge, the team worked on some technical aspects of their riding before beginning to ride Linderets and the Baby park. Avoriaz's pipe was in good condition all week, and was to prove a perfect warm-up most mornings.

The bar was raised all week, with hard work and dedication from the crew. Adjustments to snow kickers and features was a real focus, with progress seen hourly. Massive variation in snow conditions meant lots of new skills learnt.

Kris Bell half way through a BIG energy session Phot: Sam Longmire

With an experienced and supportive team around all week, the Morzine project was a massive success all round. Excuse the late and short write up; some footage will follow, and a few select pics are included below.

Gibson - stoked. P: Sam Longmire

Tuesday am, guest appearance from NZ snowboard coach Richie Johnstone. Spot the kiwi rugby fan. P: Sam Longmire

The flying Leprechaun was spotted in-between crepe feasting. P: Sam Longmire

Billy doing some demonstrating

lsr laps

Big thanks to: Treeline Chalets for unbeatable accommodation and support, Morzine-Avoriaz tourist board, Skullcandy for support, Sue at Aim Marketing Agency for all support, Sam Longmire for all photos, Andrew Goodies for all stories and general entertainment on and off hill, John Strachan for all help.

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