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Monday, 28 March 2011

Team snap

Rowan Biddiscombe sent this shot through yesterday, great team shot from the last Saturday morning of the project. Thanks once more to all contributors last week. As promised more reports and shots to come...

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Its a wrrrrap

Tignes Project 2011 finished up in fine form last Friday, with the sun shining over some great shred.

Full report from the week to follow, but this is roughly how it went down...

First off, Brits Kids Big Air winner Fin Bremner got his focus on Friday morning with some seriously well-earnt training time before the Quicksilver Radar Final at 3 that day.

With no uplift, and blazing spring-like conditions, the wee man got the hike on for some laps on a very nicely shaped jump. With a plan in his head, time allowed for a quick bit of lunch. Meantime Lara and Kris had made the most of quiet conditions in the Val park, lapping and filming with both stepping up to the red jumps. It wasn't quiet enough though, and unfortunately through a combo of bad luck and a (insert Lara's insult here) man, Lara ended up with a pretty good hit on the head which put her out for the rest of the day. She was back on it by Sunday though, riding the Glenshee rail jam.

By 3pm, Fin had an impressive support crew including Jenny Jones, Ride team manager Will Lenton and Martin Amott who had helped with some performance coaching during week. Fin performed, and with only one rail run and 3 hits at the jump, he managed to put down a back 9 to take silver. Stoked as he (and everyone else) was, I think Fin was most pumped on the sled lifts back up during the final. Massive congratulations to Fin, and also for his performance a few days later in Laax at the Brits.

The later half of the day saw the Men's pipe finals, with a chilled Friday night / Sat morning spent recovering sleep and energy. Travel day saw Lara and Kris make a flight by (in my records) the closest margin ever. We pulled up at Geneva airport at 7.50pm for an 8.10 departure, having hit unreal traffic on way down from Tignes.

The rest of us were in the car for another 11 hours the next day to Laax, bringing an end to a successful trip. More to follow, including edits from the guys and shots taken towards end of the week. Thanks once more to everyone involved, in particular Tignes Spirit for all their support. STGM/Tignes made it possible also, hopefully more in Tignes soon.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Day 4 over

Teamwork making the dream work!

The team made the most of some pretty poor weather today, riding just about every snow condition in a day. The drymat rats also had to put up with next to zero vis, learning some all-mountain riding skills for most of the day.

One of the highlights of the day was hooking up with Neil McNair, Tammy Esten and James Sweet for an adventure including pow, rock drops, abseil sections and slingshot nets! The crew were stoked, especially having met and had a good chat with Jenny Jones before at lunch.

Short rail jam ensued in the Val park, before we called it to go eat burgers and watch the womens pipe final. As Fin put it, "just being up close to some of the airs - right there in your face, was pretty mental!" Probably our fav rider though, was little Tia - rocking the miniature gear and her Doodoo.

Fin got some training time in the X Park, venue for tomorrow's Radar final. "Met Matt from Norway, sick rider! Jump looked intimidating at first, but was good when I got used to it"

Looking forward to a mini edit from GoPro expert James after todays pow adventures, online soon! Meantime crew are chilling and weathers looking better for tomo. Heres a link to Jamie Nicholls and one of his training runs on the Euro X course, with the mens slopestyle running as a straight final tomorrow. Going to be a full day, stoked.

The team with James today

Its Thursday already...

Quick update this morning from the LSR house. Full day yesterday, so a slightly chilled start to the day here to catch up on energy. Everyone heading out now into some less-than-great vis, but hoping that the sun might burn through later. Photos later today with Jay, and Fin has some training time in the X park for Friday's Quicksilver Radar Final.

Yesterday was a productive one for sure. Full day included session in the morning with Martin Amott, NLP expert, who helped open up some performance for the guys. More info on how that went to follow. Otherwise, full session in Val Park and even a couple of cheeky pow lines made a full day on the hill.

The Groms battled the crowds to get a good viewing position for the evening's Ski Half Pipe Final. The guys were stoked, Lara especially with Jossi Wells!

Finally we had a board tune clinic courtesy of Tignes Spirit - Adam passed on some essential knowledge in board care, and the guys lapped it up.

Fin had lots to learn after last time he tried!

Ride's Will and Rowan have just turned up this morning after a mega drive out, joining in the last couple days here in Tignes.

Mini edit below of a couple of snippets of yesterday's riding. Thanks to all the contributors yesterday!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tignes Project Day 2

A gd dys shrd

After an early start, made easier with cranberry juice and coffee, the groms got stuck into a great session over the medium jump line. Getting comfortable with speed and the poor vis, it was a fun morning and the stoke was high.

Quick baguette and footage watch into an afternoon rail sesh. Kris takes us through the afternoon: “Sessioned the rails, boxes and other features getting comfortable with speed and gaps on, gaps off. After a few laps, everyone stepped up to hitting some side-ons and the donkey-dick. Fin got some stylee front 1’s off donkey and Lara was getting some solid boardslides on faster features. Sick session, one of the best days riding in a long time”

Lara cooked up some good pommes de terres mash this eve. After some stretching, the crews out at the local bar catching up on some quality fb time. Its snowing outside now, anticipation is high for tomo. Its looking busy, with guest coaches, board tuning clinic, X Games events to watch and lots more.


Fin has put together a small edit from yesterday and today’s little bits of footage:

Monday, 14 March 2011

Tignes Project Day 1 Edit

Groms explore Tignes, Fin's through to Quicksilver Radar Final

The groms have dealt with early starts, no sleep, cars, busses, planes, annoying old lady, unpacking, car parking, shopping and general faffing, but by 9.30am this morning, the team were in amongst it.

The sun shone over a perfectly groomed Val Park, and the guys got a good introduction to the huge terrain that makes up Tignes, with some great pow found up high.

Loads covered today, and Fin’s progress into the Quicksilver Radar final has capped off a wicked day. The final’s this Friday, everyone’s stoked and to Fin, the news is “awesome”.

Lara Wood: “Most intense days riding I’ve ever had, amazing snow and really good weather, eel faii du soleil”

Kris Bell: “Perfect park, no marmots, lots of fun off piste bits – great to see the X Games Course”

Adam from Tignes Spirit sorted out Lara’s board this evening, which was in need of some TLC! Apparently “its not the same board, so stoked”. Nice one Adam. Kris put on a fine display of cooking tonight, movies are on now and legs are tired.

Here is a look back at yesterday’s travels, shown in an interesting edit format courtesy of Lara and Kris. Stuff from today to follow…

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tignes Project Approaching!

This time next week, LSR groms will be out in Tignes making the most of an unrivalled training ground: recent good snow has allowed for a big re-shape in the Oakley Val Park and provided great all round conditions. As well as progressive parks and massive terrain, Tignes offers a sports focussed off-mountain environment.

Oakley Val Park

Winter X Games Europe is running in Tignes at the same time, offering groms an insight into the highest level of snowboarding. Taking full advantage of all training tools available, next weeks lining up to be a productive one.

X Games construction yesterday

Don't forget its not too late to click your support for LSR grom Fin Bremner to help him get the chance to ride in the final of the Quicksilver Radar, alongside X Games Europe.

Alongside head coach Ben Kinnear, guest coaches and experts will be on hand armed with top knowledge, with great accommodation support from the good people at
Tignes Spirit - providing a top pad for the week. Thanks also to STGM for pass support.

Kris @ Cove skate park

Kris Bell sent over a couple of nice shots courtesy of Andrew Begg taken in December at Cove skate park.

KB: "After working on a photo with local photographer Andrew Begg, we both agreed that it would be a good oppurtunity for me to get more work with a photographer. So when the first snowfall came over Aberdeen we went out in search of a good spot to get a couple of shots. After a quick drive, decided to hit up cove skate park. We set up, got a couple dodgey looks from the locals and I dropped in. After a few runs we called it quits as there wasn't an awful lot to do at this skate park. Andy still managed to get a few great shots though!"

Sunday, 6 March 2011

McClement gets WL cover shot

Marc 'Gladis' McClement gets the spring Whitelines cover representing dryslope in the 'Ride Anywhere' issue. Shot by Stevie McKenna, and with a good looking Aberdeen snowsports centre in the backdrop, this is a banger!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Vote for Fin in the Quicksilver Radar

Team member Fin Bremner's video for the Quicksilver Radar is now online, with your votes counting to help push him through to the finals in Tignes later this month. Check it out here.

Big fronties, back 5s and more made for a good day out down in Tamworth.

FB: "I really enjoyed Tamworth because it was a good meet up with ma pals from England the rails were siiiiiccc it was also good seeing how the park was made and shaped up. I met some sic skiers (the Rowland) the snow was such better quality that expected, stoked on the edit put up! I love it, had a good time, awesome food free drinks awesome the riding area was a good idea, sic weekend"

The grommet sounds stoked.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Morzine Project round up

As the lsr project starts up with a new programme for 2011, here is a quick look back at the Morzine Project that kicked things off last April in Morzine.

April 3 - 10 last year saw a few of the lsr guys make the most of great late season snow, well shaped parks and a wicked crew. Treeline Chalets providing hungry groms with top class food, luxurious accommodation and amongst much more, a much used table-tennis table. LSR team members Emmet Strachan, Kris Bell and Andrew Gibson made the trip out in the company of Johnny-boy-Strachan and assistant coach Nicol Paton.

Kris Bell, Billy Morgan, Nicol Paton, Andrew Goodenough, Emmet Strachen, Ben Kinnear and Andrew Gibson soaking up some Morzine sun! P: Sam Longmire