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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Its Thursday already...

Quick update this morning from the LSR house. Full day yesterday, so a slightly chilled start to the day here to catch up on energy. Everyone heading out now into some less-than-great vis, but hoping that the sun might burn through later. Photos later today with Jay, and Fin has some training time in the X park for Friday's Quicksilver Radar Final.

Yesterday was a productive one for sure. Full day included session in the morning with Martin Amott, NLP expert, who helped open up some performance for the guys. More info on how that went to follow. Otherwise, full session in Val Park and even a couple of cheeky pow lines made a full day on the hill.

The Groms battled the crowds to get a good viewing position for the evening's Ski Half Pipe Final. The guys were stoked, Lara especially with Jossi Wells!

Finally we had a board tune clinic courtesy of Tignes Spirit - Adam passed on some essential knowledge in board care, and the guys lapped it up.

Fin had lots to learn after last time he tried!

Ride's Will and Rowan have just turned up this morning after a mega drive out, joining in the last couple days here in Tignes.

Mini edit below of a couple of snippets of yesterday's riding. Thanks to all the contributors yesterday!

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